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I founded Embodied Evolution because I believe everyone deserves a chance to feel their best. We all know life can be hectic, but I can motivate, encourage and support you if you choose to make a difference in how you feel.  You might be  surprised to find how little time it can take to bring about big changes!    

At Embodied Evolution there’s no one-size-fits-all because every body is different, and treatments plans and opportunities are developed, and evolve to meet your unique needs. Maybe right now you’re lacking in confidence, possibly your self-belief is at rock-bottom, All the more reason to make this the time to change.  Take the first step to feeling like you again, give me a call.

Katy Neale

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So what does Embodied Evolution offer YOU?

  • The Whole Health Approach Treatment Programme, helping you recover from pain or injury.


  • Studio based Pilates Classes 
  • Online pre-recorded Pilates Course & Classes with Wellness Sessions included 

  • One to One Pilates & Wellness Classes 

  • Nature Walks 



Take a moment to put yourself first


  • Feel better in yourself

  • Strengthen your core muscles

  • Improve your flexibility

  • Release tension in your neck and back 

  • Reduce aches and pains

  • Focus on your well-being 


Embodied Evolution brings The Whole Health Approach to you, helping you with mind, body and emotional well-being. 
Experience does matter. I am an experienced Physiotherapist and qualified Pilates Instructor with a passion for Holistic Health.
Representing REAL people. Whatever your shape or size, however fit or flexible you are, EVERYONE can make a change. 
Providing YOU with opportunities to create the change you want. All designed to fit in with you, even if your life is busy.
Supporting you along the way. I believe it is so important that you can reach out and ask questions.


Working in partnership with you so you can feel your best. Starting slowly, going at your own pace, I am there to help you take that first step. 


Encouraging you to try something new. To think about what YOU need. You deserve to put yourself first, because if you don't who will?


Courses and Classes for Complete Wellness

Choose the path right for you

Embodied Evolution Pilates Courses Online

Monthly Subscription

New workouts added each month and access to library of previous classes. Plus Bonus Content.

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Embodied Evolution Pilates Courses Online

Introduction to Pilates

A course to help you begin your Pilates journey. The first step towards feeling your best!

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Embodied Evolution Pilates Courses Online

Postnatal Pilates Course

Specially developed for women after Pregnancy. Helping to strengthen your core muscles.

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Strengthen Your Core Muscles and Feel Better in Yourself 

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About Katy Neale

MSc Physiotherapy, APPI Clinical Pilates Instructor, MAACP, MACP, MCSP, MHPCP

When I created Embodied Evolution I combined my experience as a clinician and APPI Clinical Pilates instructor, but also understood my clients needed slightly more than that, so I also took courses in Therapeutic Yoga, Sensory herbalism and have a passion for wellness and a holistic approach to health. I genuinely believe that there is not a ‘one size fits’ all approach. That everybody deserves an opportunity to be given choices about how to look after themselves.

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