Katy Neale

Embodied Evolution was born out of a desire to be more than I was told to be. Since a young child I have had a passion for health, a desire to help people and a curiosity to discover more.
I studied to be a Physiotherapist and Pilates Teacher and loved the ability to help people resolve pain, heal long term injuries, and make long lasting changes, but I wanted to be more.
I realised that so many people need support and guidance to find moments for themselves to transform how they feel.

Embodied Evolution

Weaving together all my years of experience I created Embodied Evolution. This is a space where I can show you ways to create change, helping you understand what you need.

In the world we live in most of us think we must be a certain way, but I believe that we are all unique and this should be celebrated. This is no truer, than at this time in a world filled with social media images and videos of perceived ‘perfection’.

Embodied Evolution is my passion and through this I offer you a range of opportunities for you to choose from. I know how each element has already helped both myself and others that I work with. I have seen incredible changes take place and I am here to support you along the way.

From the first small steps that someone may take, to those that are ready for a bigger transformation, it is all possible. This means I have tried to create something for everyone, as we all have our own day to day responsibilities. For those of you who only have 3 minutes a day to do something for yourself there are the short YouTube Videos, to those who are ready and able to commit to something more there are workshops, walks, retreats, and a chance to work with me one on one, if needed.

When I created Embodied Evolution, I combined my experience as a clinician and APPI Clinical Pilates instructor, but also understood my clients needed slightly more than that, so I also took courses in Therapeutic Yoga, Sensory herbalism and have a passion for wellness and a holistic approach to health. I realised that I did not have to be ‘just’ a Physio or ‘Pilates Teacher’. I could combine all of knowledge and help people on a much deeper level, helping them really create long-term change.

I genuinely believe that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. That everybody deserves an opportunity to be given choices about how to look after themselves.

I also love Nature and have gone on my own journey of self-discovery. I am keen to share this passion as well and although the concept of ‘Foraging Physio’ may sounds strange, I believe anything is possible. Being outdoors, learning from the world around me gives me joy. On my longer retreat days, you get to enjoy the benefits of all my knowledge, bringing you a unique experience.