A New Beginning

wellbeing Mar 20, 2021
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Change is in the air... can you feel it? It is coming.


I looked around me today and change is in the air, not only myself but others close to me are starting new ventures, entering a period of transformation. Stepping off their current path into the unknown.
Spring Equinox has arrived, a time when the days are equal length, where new things are going to happen and opportunities to step onto a different path to start afresh are happening. It may not feel like the joy and blossoms of Spring as you are going through it. Change creates uncertainty, which can create fear, but it does not mean you should not continue.
The emotions of excitement and fear are so close inside out own bodies, both creating a buzzing feeling within our nervous system, that is hard to differentiate in the moment. Change only happens when we take a step outside our comfort zone. 
BUT....the other side will be worth it. Lessons will be learnt and different experiences explored, all bringing you closer to where you are meant to be. 
Embodied Evolution did not happen overnight. If I look back so many small moments brought me to this place. 
  • The moment I made a choice to find like-minded people. These people inspired me. They wanted to create change in the world and in themselves, to find a better way and to help others.
  • The moment I finally found incredible teachers to bring me closer to Nature and teach me their wisdom.
  • The moment I realised I could not conform to being a traditional Physio and wanted to gift my patients with a Holistic Health approach as well.
  • The moments I was privileged enough to work with amazing talking Therapists who helped me find my way in difficult times.
  • The moment two-years ago when I suddenly lost my job having worked at the clinic for 10 years, when someone else needed my work hours.
  • The moment I made a choice to launch my own Physio Clinic, with no guidance or experience, but a need to no longer work for someone who did not value me.
  • The moment I had to shut my business as the Pandemic hit.
  • The moment I faced my profound fear of being on camera, to do LIVE sessions to help people during Lockdown.
  • The moment I finally started believing that I could bring everything I loved about health and wellness together, even if I was told weaving Pilates and Physio and Nature together was not 'the right thing'.
From the time I knew I wanted more, it took me another 3 months to finally step out of my comfort zone. The last 6 months were then filled with planning, creating and launching into this new part of my life. 

Change is not easy, but it is possible.

If you can find a place to sit still and listen to your intuition, what is that small voice inside telling you? 
And if you can't hear the voice, because it is lost inside or the voice is confused with so many others that create panic and fear ASK FOR HELP & GUIDANCE. There is someone who can support you, who can help you make the change you need.
You can evolve, you can create your own evolution, you can be EMBODIED EVOLUTION. 

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