Covid Policy

legals Feb 08, 2021

Borehamwood Physio’s priority is to ensure patient health and safety.

All updates about the clinic are based on the latest guidelines from the Government, NHS England, CSP, HPCP and Physio First.

The clinic will be opened in accordance with this guidance.


What does this mean for you?

Each patient must still be screened to ensure that the Physiotherapy appointment is essential, that they have been screened for COVID and the risks of attending face to face discussed. We are still advised that virtual appointments should still be the first choice.

If you are experiencing now or in the last 7 days any of the following symptoms, then your appointment MUST be on a virtual basis:

  • New or worsening shortness of breath
  • A temperature (higher 37.8°)
  • A new or worsening persistent cough
  • A sore throat
  • New loss of the sense of taste and or smell
  • New or worsening chills, body ache, headaches or sore throat
  • Diarrhoea and or vomiting
  • Or have you been in contact with anyone who has been experiencing these symptoms within the last 14 days or are self-isolating. Or travelled from a foreign country with active COVID.


Extra care needs to be taken if:

  • You or has anyone in your household been classified at high risk or vulnerable from coronavirus.
  • You or has anyone in the household been classified as moderate risk or vulnerable from coronavirus.


If a VIRTUAL appointment is appropriate a link will be sent to you before your appointment. You will need to have a video and a microphone for best results. Such as a phone, computer, or tablet.

If a Face to face appointment is appropriate, then please be reassured that the following measures will be taken to ensure health and safety.

Borehamwood Physio clinic is based within its own room within The Natural Gateway Clinic. This means that only myself or my patients will have access to the room. Borehamwood Physio is based within a GP practice and all patients are screened before entering the building. Therefore, only those that are symptom free are allowed entry.

When a patient books a new appointment, they will be sent a screening form to complete. They will also be sent reminders to self-screen for subsequent follow-up appointments.


The clinic will adhere to infection control policy

PPE — personal protective equipment:
I will be wearing a surgical mask, disposable gloves, and apron.

Physiotherapist health:
Please be reassured that if I have any of the symptoms, I will cancel all face to face appointments. As a key worker I can be tested for COVID-19 even if I am asymptomatic and I do this as often as possible.

Patient health:
All patients MUST cancel their appointment if they present with any of the symptoms listed above

Pillows, mats, and the treatment couch will be covered with disposable couch roll. All equipment will be cleaned between patients with cleaning products that are appropriate for COVID-19 virus

Clinic room:
The clinic room will be cleaned on a regular basis as well as external spaces within The Natural Gateway Clinic and the Theobald Medical Centre

Face masks:
All patients attending a Face to face appointment, MUST wear a surgical face mask. If they do not have access to one this can be supplied at a cost.

Hand washing:
There is a sink within the clinic room where all patients are expected to wash their hands and alcohol gel throughout the building.

Social distancing:
Patients will be asked to wait outside the clinic or in the car park and will be called to enter the building just before the appointment. This means that the waiting room will not be used, and one patient will only be in my clinic room at the same time.

We request that all patients go the toilet before they attend their appointment. There is a toilet available if essential, which will then be cleaned after use.

Where possible payments will be made sent to your phone by a secure system. Payments are expected to be made at the time of the appointment. No cash or cheques will be accepted.


For further information please see the latest government guidelines.


If you have any questions, please contact Borehamwood Physio and I will help as best as I can.

Kind regards,
Katy Neale
Clinic Manager

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