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Physiotherapy Clinic


physiotherapy borehamwood katy neale embodied evolution

Getting To The Root Of The Problem 


Our recommended Physiotherapy clinic is Borehamwood Physio.  
The focus is on recovery and future prevention, allowing plenty of time for a full assessment to create your ideal treatment plan.


Treating a wide range of patients, from athletes to those with chronic problems, many of the common injuries that we help improve include back and neck pain, sports injuries, and pregnancy related pain.


Helping you become pain free as soon as possible by taking a holistic view of you and your lifestyle, how it effects your symptoms and combining this with medical knowledge.

Borehamwood Physio is also founded by Katy Neale

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physiotherapy borehamwood katy neale embodied evolution

How is The Whole Health Treatment Programme different from Physiotherapy?


Borehamwood Physio Reviews

Nikki Levitan

“I had a session with Katy postpartum as my coccyx got fractured in childbirth. She literally saved me... she helped me find ways and positions to lie, sit and feed. She supported me with the right seating support to buy and helped me go from a place of constant pain to feeling that I had options and more empowered.

I am so thankful to you Katy and all your amazing care and support. I cannot recommended her enough!"

Beth Hawkins

"Katy is a wonderful physio, extremely knowledgeable, approachable, friendly and warm. I was worried about a historical hip problem during my current pregnancy and around childbirth, but after a thorough consultation she really put me at ease.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Katy to anyone, especially anyone suffering with problems during pregnancy. Thanks again Katy!"

Jane Hanna

"I would highly recommend Katy Neale at Borehamwood Physio. I have had a series of physiotherapy sessions with Katy after being referred to her due to a whiplash injury. Katy instantly made me feel at ease and attentively listened to my problem. Katy gave me exercises to perform at home that would compliment strengthening the muscles in my neck, alongside the brilliant massages she performed. Katy has a wealth of knowledge and the sessions with her helped me to make a speedy recovery. Thank you!"