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New Pilates workouts & stretching routines added regularly


A unique format that allows you to pick the exercises that suit you


Easily fitting around your busy life, helping you feel healthier, stronger and more flexible


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Fitting in with your busy life. 
Life can be so busy but there is no time pressure with this subscription. Each exercise has been kept between 2 to 8 minutes long so they can easily fit it into your routine.  Giving you the freedom to do as many as you wish. 


Pilates & stretching are ‘good for you’.
Just a few exercises a week can improve neck and back pain, reduce the risk of injury, release muscle tension, improve flexibility and improve your general well-being. 


Feel stronger, more flexible and release muscle tension.
Pilates places emphasis on strengthening your core muscles. It differs from traditional abdominal and leg strengthening due to its focus on alignment and control and this has incredible benefits for anyone who tries it. 
We are all unique.
There is not 'one-size' to fit all. From beginners to advanced, the videos are clear and easy to follow, with different levels to suit your needs.


Taught by experienced teachers.
Feel reassured that Katy has a background in health care, with over 20 years’ experience as a Physiotherapist who has taught hundreds of people Pilates.


Extra support.
Extra support is available for you, making this more than another online exercise class. From the free Technique Glossary to the ability to have 1:1 lessons. I am here to answer your questions.

Monthly Subscription

  • View on any device with the Kajabi App
  • Feel healthier, stronger and more flexible
  • New videos added regularly
  • Progress to a harder level as you get stronger
  • A wide variety of exercises to choose from
  • Pick the workouts that suit your needs
  • Easily fitting into your busy life
  • Short easy to watch videos so you can workout easily
  • Taught by a qualified & experienced Instructor
  • 14 day trial period

Bonus Content

  • Technique Glossary
  • Wellness Sessions
  • Additional Short Videos
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  • Pilates Core Strengthening Exercises

  • Beginner To Advanced Exercises To Choose From

  • Hip & Glute Strengthening

  • Stretching Exercises That Can Be Done At Your Desk

  • Mat Work Stretching

  • Balance Exercises To Challenge Yourself

  • Short Length Videos To Fit Into Your Life

  • Technique Video Glossary Included

  • Bonus Wellness Sessions

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About Katy Neale

With over twenty years’ experience as a Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates teacher, Nature lover and Holistic Health advocate, EMBODIED EVOLUTION is firmly founded on my Whole Health Approach. My treatment and teaching philosophy is to provide all the skills, and every opportunity to make you feel better in yourself.     

“I believe that EVERYONE can feel better in themselves. All we need to do is learn about our own bodies and how we each move in our own UNIQUE way and we can reap the rewards. If we start to notice how our mind and emotions connect to our bodies then the impact can be even greater! “

Embodied Evolution Online Courses


"I really enjoy your classes as I know there will always be some familiar exercises and some new ones and whatever happens my body is guaranteed to feel better for it. You are so attentive to the needs of each and every individual and I find your approach friendly, non pressured and reassuring. I also appreciate that through your work as a physio you know very well how the body works and are able to shift the focus of your lessons to make them more relevant to prevalent ailments (eg back/neck pain due to working from home)."


“Clinical Pilates as taught by Katy has changed my life, I have a long term back problem after being involved in a car accident. Due to the Pilates exercises as taught in small differentiated classes I have regained my mobility, strengthened my back and regained flexibility. Katy knows all Members of the class and responds to us as individuals helping us in a fun positive manner reach out goals and make new ones."


"I have seen Katy for Pilates since the beginning of the first lockdown for rehabilitation following back surgery. The sessions have allowed me to build back my core strength and improve stability. It was important to me to have classes with someone who truly understands what it takes to recover post surgery in a safe way. I highly recommend Katy to anyone looking to move on post surgery or undertake Pilates in a structured physio led environment."

Wellness Sessions Instructors

Lisa Unger Nutritional Therapist Embodied Evolution Borehamwood Nutrition

Lisa Unger

Nutritional Therapist
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Adrienne Kirk Psychotherapist Therapist Embodied Evolution Borehamwood psychotherapy

Adrienne Kirk

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Lisa Unger Nutritional Therapist Embodied Evolution Borehamwood Nutrition

Lucy Woods

Mindfulness Teacher
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