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Open Your Eyes To The World Around You... 

Up until recently most people would have had knowledge of the plants and trees and had a day-to-day awareness of the living world.

It fills me with JOY to find out what is around me and my natural curiosity and love for nature and health have seen me develop an interest in the use of wild plants for food and medicine.

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Spending time outdoors is a great way to look after your mind, body and emotions. It has been shown to have both mental and physical health benefits.

Have you ever noticed how going for a walk can make you feel more positive?

Have you noticed how walks in the countryside or local park feels different to walking down a street?

Have you ever wanted to know more?

Why not come along to a wild food and medicine walk to discover wild food and traditional herbal health remedies.

Learn how to step outside of your normal day to day life and look at the world around you with new eyes.

Join Katy for a Seasonal Nature Walk

£20 Adult walk

See Event for Children's Prices

  • Content and information aimed at Adults.
  • Children are welcome but there is a separate children's walk more suitable for 6-10 years old.
  • Location: Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. Further details on booking.
  • Time: 1.5-2 hour Walk
  • Introducing you to the local wild plants and trees
  • Learn about wild food & foraging guidelines
  • Find out about traditional uses of plants for herbal medicine

This walk is for pleasure and education purposes only. It is not a substitute for a consultation with a Qualified Medical Herbalist and no treatment should be undertaken based on the information provided

Please click to see the full Nature Walk Guidance 

Next Walk Availability

Children's Nature Walk

19th June 2021

Saturday Morning 11am

Aimed at children 6-10 years old

Length of walk:




Places available: 



Adults £10

Children £8

Children under 6 Free

Please get in touch if you wish to be added to the waiting list


Adult's Nature Walk

24th June 2021

Thursday Morning 11am

Length of walk:




Places available: 



Adult £20

Low income £15, places limited 

Children 6-11 £5

Children under 6 Free

Please get in touch if you wish to be added to the waiting list. 


What People Are Saying About Walks With Katy


"I have had the privilege of being part of a few forage walks with Katy. Her knowledge, wisdom and enthusiasm brings you deeply into the experience. I know so little about plants and foraging, but she made the experience tangible and easy to follow. Her walks are so experiential. We tasted, touched smelled. I came away feeling more connected to our natural world and more knowledgeable. I cannot recommend her enough."

Helen & her daughter

My 7 year old daughter and I had a brilliant time on one of Katy’s children’s walks. Katy was able to keep her engaged from begging in to end and we both learnt lots of new things. The day after the walk my daughter took all the clippings she had collected into school as she wanted to show her friends. Even now, a few weeks later, she points out the things she learnt about on the walk - it has really helped to spark her interest in looking at the plants around her more carefully, and makes walks round the park far more interesting!


Today I went on Katy Neale’s nature walk. I can’t begin to describe how much I enjoyed it. As soon as we entered the park, an area that previously I would have ignored, Katy demonstrated was rich in herbs. We learnt about trees, hedgerows and herbs. We learnt to use our senses to identify which plant we were looking at - I won’t be able to look at an oak tree again without thinking of chickens feet. Katy is so knowledgeable but teaches you in a non scientific sensitive way, and she managed to make 1 1/2 hours pass so quickly. I cant wait to go again and see what grows in the different seasons. It was the most wonderful morning. I would definitely recommend you go

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