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Lisa Unger Nutritional Therapist Embodied Evolution Borehamwood Nutrition

Lisa Unger

My name is Lisa Unger. I’m a nutritional therapist, specialising in weight management and helping people improve their relationship with food.

What we weigh isn’t just dependent on the number of calories we eat, or the amount of exercise we do. Sleep, stress, medications, the gut, and genetics are just a few of the things that affect hunger and weight.

As a nutritional therapist I examine all the different systems in the body in depth, as well as what you eat, and how you eat. It’s not about what you can’t eat, it’s about what you can eat and how.

If you would like to discuss how I can support you please get in touch.

Here is a link to me free ebook, 12 strategies to free yourself from cravings:




[email protected]

07834 588 022
Adrienne Kirk Psychotherapist Therapist Embodied Evolution Borehamwood psychotherapy

Adrienne Kirk

I am Adrienne Kirk, a psychotherapist specialising in grief and loss. This includes any life-changing events that mean ‘loss’ to you. I have a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Health Psychology and a PGDip in Psychotherapy and Counselling. Along with my private practice, I volunteer as a Bereavement Therapist in Haringey and I previously volunteered for a small charity that supported women and men who have issues in pregnancy.

Before I trained as a psychotherapist, I worked for over 20 years as a Clinical Communication Skills lecturer for a number of London Medical Schools; where I trained medical students in the skills of history taking, information giving, breaking bad news and clinical diagnostic skills.

I am registered with The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).

We are all a work in progress; examining our unconscious beliefs and patterns of behaviour can lead to lasting, sustained change. I can help guide you out of the shadows and find a new path to your future.


[email protected]

07983 900 575
Michele Kingston Nutrition Embodied Evolution Functional Medicine Borehamwood

Michele Kingston

BA hons, BSc Nut Med, mBANT, mCNHC

I am a registered nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner. I have a degree in Nutritional Medicine, which has provided me with a high standard of research-driven training. My degree and extracurricular studying also included naturopathy and functional medicine, giving me an excellent insight into holistic treatments. Nutritional and functional medicine addresses the root cause of health problems and uses natural therapies such as diet, supplements and lifestyle to support the body back to optimum health and wellness.

I have been practising for 11yrs, both in private practice with my own business and on staff at an environmental medicine clinic working alongside doctors and other clinicians. I have worked with both adults and children, from all around the world, with a variety of different illnesses and needs. Over this time I have seen amazing results and also I am living proof that nutritional medicine can have a powerful impact on health.

Over my career I have given talks, written educational material, worked with groups and individuals and collaborated with various health and wellbeing practitioners. It is my goal to spread the message of how important nutrition is for health for absolutely every single person on the planet and help educate people in the best possible way to eat so they can live the life they desire.


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07977 155 516
Michele Kingston Nutrition Embodied Evolution Functional Medicine Borehamwood

Lucy Woods

Lucy Woods is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher with a busy practice for individual, group and corporate clients. Lucy was the L&D Manager in the HR department of two of the UK’s largest newspaper and magazine publishers for 20 years which gave her a real insight into the stress people experience both at work and at home and the lack of available support. Having always looked for a “fix” to her own low-level anxiety, finding a Mindfulness course had changed her life, and so after redundancy it seemed fated that she should combine her training skills with her passion for the transformational effects of Mindfulness.

Lucy is mum/step-mum to three teenagers and is in her 3rd year of a Masters in Mindfulness-based Approaches with Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice.


[email protected]

07711 000 315
Michele Kingston Nutrition Embodied Evolution Functional Medicine Borehamwood

Ronit Gerber

Ronit is a Consciousness Coach, Bestselling Author, Creator and Lead Trainer of The SMILE System with over 20 years experience in complementary therapy, education and training.

Ronit is passionate about personal growth and inspiring people to embrace who they are and what they can accomplish.


Complementary Therapist, Speaker & Coach

Owner Of The Natural Gateway Clinic

Creator Of The SMILE System


07983 551 070

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