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Weaving together all the things that I love, my passions and experience, I developed my unique Retreats and Workshops. I know how each element has already helped both myself and those that I work with and wanted to give others the opportunity to experience the benefits for themselves.

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Titles have included; Wellness at Work, Helping Yourself Avoid Burn Out and Nature for Healing


Topics such as; What Story Do We Tell Ourselves About Our Body? Therapeutic Yoga Workshop at Festivals


Self-care Half Day Events including; Relaxation, Self-care Practices, Yoga Nidre, Pilates and Gentle Yoga, Home Made Treats from Foraged Food


Wellness Day Retreats weaving in Mindfulness, relaxation, foraging, Nature Connection and Therapeutic Yoga.

“I would recommend anyone to attend a wellbeing retreat. No matter how busy you are, you should always give yourself time to step out.”

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This Is My Passion

I love putting together Bespoke events, so please get in touch if you are looking to create something unique


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