The Whole

Health Approach

Treatment Programme

Is It Time For You Now?

  • Are you struggling with aches and pains, such as your neck or back?
  • Is there something you can’t do because it hurts?
  • Do you wish you could make a change to how you feel?
  • Are you tired with only short-term improvements?
  • Are you looking for a long-term solution?
Whole Health Approach Pilates Physiotherapy Borehamwood Katy Neale

Who I Help

I know you are likely to put everyone else first, but you are also important too.

I work with busy women, whose biggest challenge is balancing everything they have going on in their lives with finding the time to create a healthier change.

This is where I can help, we can work to ensure you get the right package and support. How can you help others if you aren’t feeling 100% yourself?

How I'm Different

Having worked as a Physiotherapist for over 20 years I want to use all my knowledge and experience to offer you MORE. 

I often find that patients miss out due to the limited time allowed during sessions, especially in more complex situations or those with longstanding conditions.

Work With Me

So How Is This Different From TRADITIONAL Physiotherapy?

A bespoke Holistic treatment plan will be created, looking at all elements that can influence your recovery.

Longer Sessions

Longer sessions allow for a comprehensive in-depth approach.

Time will given to really talk about what is going on, to get to the root of the problem and discuss your hopes and goals.

  • A longer 1.5hrs assessment
  • Longer follow-up appointments are 45 minutes 

Thorough Assessment

At the first appointment there will be a physical assessment to help diagnosis and guide treatment.

Treatment may include,

  • Manual therapy
  • Soft tissue release
  • Musculoskeletal acupuncture
  • Personalised exercise from Pilates to Therapeutic Yoga
  • Positive lifestyle changes will also be discussed as for true recovery MIND, BODY and EMOTIONAL connection is key

Holistic Approach

Focusing on all the things that may be affecting your recovery is so important in The Whole Health Approach Treatment Programme.

It may mean another practitioner will be suggested to help alongside your treatment. For example:

  • A nutritionist: If we are under or over-weight this can affect our health. We are what we eat, and nutrition can play a significant role in our overall health 
  • A life coach: Maybe you are feeling burnt out, struggling to prioritise yourself and your health needs. Repeating patterns that you are unable to shift 
  • A talking therapist: Anxiety, grief and depression can all significantly affect physical health 
  • A mindfulness practitioner: Simple tools for lack of sleep, a busy mind, that can all increase tension 
  • A Complimentary therapist such as a Medical Herbalist or Acupuncturist
  • Onward referral to a GP / consultant
The Whole Health Approach works in PARTNERSHIP with you. 
It is an opportunity to create time to prioritise your needs, so that you can make the change you want.
Working TOGETHER to help you have the best outcome possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let Me Know How We Can Work Together

Please send me a message and I will call you back as soon as possible. There is a free 15 minute phone consultation before booking onto The Whole Health Treatment Approach to ensure it is the right choice for YOU. 

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Spend a little time on you today.

What People Are Saying About Katy

Jen Kenward

“I have had treatment with Katy for long term back problems, she has been brilliant. Treatment has involved acupuncture and clinical Pilates sessions, Katy is just amazing, her care and treatment have minimised my use of pain meds & kept me working. Katy’s approach is holistic, she really gets to know you & adapts her treatment & advice to work around your lifestyle. I have had a lot of physio treatment before, but would now only see Katy, she gets to the root of the problem quickly, sets realistic goals & provides friendly, supportive treatment”.

Chloe Lewis

"When I contacted Katy for treatment I had almost resigned myself to the idea that my long term elbow condition would never get better. Almost all areas of my life were affected - sleeping, lifting/carrying, working, driving etc - and it was ready getting me down. Katy has a wonderful holistic approach and took time to listen, and to explain things clearly. I was very happy to notice some improvement almost straight away (less pain, more mobility) and over the course of my treatment I have seen significant improvement. It’s the best my elbows have felt in 10+ years and it’s had a positive impact on my day to day life as I now do many things I would have avoided before. The results speak for themselves! I would definitely recommend Borehamwood Physio."

Beth Hawkins

"Katy is a wonderful physio, extremely knowledgeable, approachable, friendly and warm. I was worried about a historical hip problem during my current pregnancy and around childbirth, but after a thorough consultation she really put me at ease. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Katy to anyone, especially anyone suffering with problems during pregnancy. Thanks again Katy! x"